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Are You Tired of Not Getting Results and Being Left Alone to Figure Out What Works?

Have You Hit a Plateau or Have Stopped Progressing Due to an Injury.

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With 7 weeks to go until Hawaii, I feel like I am on target to reach my goals. I am already fitting into some of my old dresses and feeling confident in a bikini is getting closer. " Thank you for the great group fitness classes and for the push or boost you give when needed. I am fitter than I've ever been and am so happy with my results.

- Tanya Wares, Full Time Mum

I fronted up to BPStudio carrying a bit of weight, sleeping poorly and with a questionable diet. You could say I was a bit unhealthy. What I liked about BP Studio was that they took the time to understand what I wanted, my personal situation and objectives and tailored an individual program to meet my needs. I feel better, stronger, lighter and happier.

- Wes Lerch - A Time Poor and Stressed Business Owner, QCL

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Having a good body comes with hard work and dedication. The best personal trainers are the ones that keep you motivated and show you how to get the best body possible – in the quickest time! Do you want to get in shape but don't have the motivation? Come down to BPStudio; our qualified staff have the expertise and knowledge you need to get in shape. Our personal trainers offer both group programs and single sessions, along with meal plans to help you strip the fat, tone your body and develop a fit, strong physique.

Exercise will only show up on your body if you are doing it regularly. Gym memberships are often left unused and gather dust. Personal training can give you that motivation and guidance to help unlock that perfect body buried within! If you want to get your beach body, come and check out the best personal trainers Ashgrove, Grange, Kedron, Newmarket, Wilston, Enoggera and Windsor have to offer.

There are so many benefits from working out – not just weight loss, but a toned body, muscle strength, endurance, improved body posture, regulated sleeping patterns and increased self-confidence. If you would like to be more confident (let’s be honest, who wouldn’t) then you should check out BPStudio. Whether you are a novice or experienced, our personal trainers can help you reach your ultimate fitness goals and give you the body you have always wanted.

Transform your body and mind today with our high-intensity personal training. Ashgrove, Grange, Kedron, Newmarket, Wilston, Enoggera and Windsor locals will find that BPStudio is ideally located within close proximity, making it easier to fit in regular gym visits. Book today - you will not regret getting in the best shape of your life!